Dana Haim is a Colombian-American artist, designer, and traveler. She graduated with a BFA in textile design from the Rhode Island School of Design, where her focus was on weaving, silk screening, and machine knitting. After a brief stint living and working in Tel Aviv and Colombia, she  went on to get an MA in Design for Textile Futures from London’s Central Saint Martins. Her thesis project explored the preservation of craft in an increasingly digital age.

Dana has always been obsessed with ancient textile processes, culture, and the natural world. As new technology replaces older, more manual systems, Dana believes in the innate beauty and timelessness of creating things by hand. Her inspiration stems from her dynamic and colorful dream life, the organic lines, colors, and patterns found in nature; a wave; the many facets of mineral stones and gems; a stampede of horses; the life cycle of wild mushrooms; a kaleidoscopic local marketplace.

Dana travels the world to immerse herself in local cultures and textile traditions. She develops deep, personal relationships with skilled artisans and collaborates with them on modern heirloom products. She takes pride in preserving their authentic, high quality craftsmanship while infusing them with her own sensibilities. The result is a beautiful collaboration that empowers artisans economically while also preserving their unique cultural heritage.